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Beach Coast Collection


This is a gorgeous collection of matte "water" colors. All colors are matte, but some pictures are shown with topcoat to bring out the sparkle that comes to live when polish is used with a topcoat. The set includes:

Beach Glass - This is a gorgeous, matte, tumbled-glass green. It brings to mind memories of long and relaxing walks on the beach in search of gorgeous pieces of glass that have been tumbled and tossed by the sea. In the photos of this polish, nail art is with topcoat and then stamped using 'Shipwreck' and Moyou London Kaleidoscope 09 stamping plate. Ring finger is topcoated.

Rabid Sea - This is a beautiful matte seafoam color. It brings to mind the bubbly goodness that caresses your feet while gazing at the vast ocean or great lake...

Gulf Coast - This is a gorgeous blue, that brings to mind the vivid blue that deep waters provide. This is different from 'Blue so fine' in that it has a gold sparkle that comes to life when topcoated, and creates a subtle green hue when left matte.

Koi Pond - This is a beautiful medium blue, with a gorgeous multichrome gold / green sparkle that really pops when used with topcoat. The reason that I like creating matte polishes instead of just making it shiny, is because I love the almost two different results you get, and feel that the matte gives a prettier finished manicure even when using topcoat with it.

Shipwreck - This is an outstanding midnight / navy blue. Of the colors this one has the most subtle sparkle that shows itself once used with topcoat. Don't let that dissuade you from it, you'll love this polish!!! In the photos of this polish, nailart is left matte, and stamped using Moyou London Kaleidoscope plate 09, and using Sally Hansen 220 Celeb City polish.

To really make them sparkle, use with Jazz, our self-leveling, fast-dry topcoat. You'll be amazed and delighted to find you have a whole other polish!!! It's like getting 2 for the price of 1!!!

As with any highly pigmented color, please use a basecoat.

In order to make international shipping more affordable I must ship via paypal. If you prefer to use your credit card, you may do so via PayPal's credit card checkout process.