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Swatch Polishes


This listing is for people who are already signed up to be swatchers for me.

"Purchasing" will both allow me to make sure I have your address correct, will allow me to easily ship future polishes to you, and will also record your preference of full-sized or mini bottles.

Please select "Full Size" if you prefer Full-Size bottles be sent... this will mean fewer polishes will be sent you as fewer of them will be able to fit in the package... or "Mini Size" if Mini-Size bottles are okay... you'll get more polishes sent at a time due to more bottles being able to fit in the package.

Either way here is what I prefer:

* Standard length / shape nails

* Standard poses - no upside down or confusing poses, see pics for preferences (one plain with bottle shot, one with nail art with bottle shot, one macro)

* Prefer nails either go straight across the photo (horizontally), or from one corner to the opposite corner (diagonally). Thumbs are not needed or wanted - 4 nails only is fine.

* Each description / photo says something new, please do not copy and paste descriptions from photo to photo.

* One color per day - unless add'l colors are used in nail art photo. Please do not post 18 of my polishes all in the same day.

* Please watermark your photos in such a manner that they can be cropped, zoomed, or rotated (if needed) without changing your watermark. Usually watermarks are used in a curve around the cuticle line. This is perfectly fine and is preferred. =)

Any questions, please ask. This "sale" will not be honored if you have not previously contacted me with a swatch request and been approved as a swatcher for my polish. If you use this link without my permission you will lose the 0.01 cents it cost you to do so, so please do not unless we've specifically discussed it... =)