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Top Coat / Bottom Half Collection...


This is a fun-named collection of top and bottom coats... All the names are innuendo, and don't mean anything nearly as sinful as they sound, read on for a view into their creator's twisted brain...

Hand Job: Are you tired of waving your hands in the air, when you really do care... if your undies are dry before your next try? This is the white undie that's for you. It's super fast drying, and perfect for making watermarbles, neons, jellies and light colors pop. This undie has been tested for protecting the nails against staining and has been reported to prevent staining even after a week of dark polish wear. Formerly named Freaky Fast Wundie.

Blow Job: Tired of blowing on your nails trying to get your undies to unbloat before your next coat? This is the black undie that's for you. It is super fast drying and will provide that dark background to make your next mani pop. This is a nice black matte polish that will not stain your nails, and will prevent your nails from being stained by other polishes when used as a base coat. This is also a very lovely polish when used on its own. Unlike my other mattes, this has zero sparkle when topcoated.

Spunk: Have a mani that needs a little spunk??? This is the fast-dry matte polish for you. I originally sent it out for testing as a mattifying top coat, but have also had testers report back that they loved it as a fast-dry ridge-filling base coat. Formerly called Perfect Manny.

Jizz: This is a fast dry, ridge-filling, gloss, super stick base coat. All that packed into one bottle... Now THAT'S the Jizz-nit!!!

Jazz: Not all that thrilled with how your mani turned out? Tiny smudge, small bubbles??? No problem, this fast-dry, glossy, self-leveling top coat is thick enough that it will smooth out small imperfections and make you once again feel jazzed about your nails!!!

I've had so many requests for these in larger sizes, that I've decided to list them in sizes up to 6 oz. Since I currently only have 6 oz bottles, if you order a smaller size, your bottle will be filled to the size ordered, per weight. These are to refill your original bottles as they will not come with brushes, bottles, beads, etc. If the cost were oz for oz with the original prices, then a 6 oz bottle would cost 108 dollars. By buying bulk you get a HUGE discount!!! Here is the price breakdown.

one 15 ml / 0.5 oz bottle costs 9$

1 oz refill = 10$
2 oz refill = 20$
3 oz refill = 30$
4 oz refill = 40$
5 oz refill = 50$
6 oz refill = 60$

To purchase in bulk, please see the bulk listing via the main product page, as shipping will be slightly more.